Tuesday, November 1, 2016

dear mother ...

well, my mother is quite ill (alzheimer disease) and thus i try to visit her in slovakia as often as possible ... thanks goodness, she lives at my youngest brother's place in bratislava now. it is not only much, much better for her than staying alone in kosice, but also easier for me to reach them from munich :-)
well, i'm trying to sort my thoughts and to say something to my mother, but i do not think she is ready to listen / understand it as she is still captured in a situation which broke her vital energy some 10 or 15 years ago. dear mother, why can't you stop crying about the past and start to look forward? there is so much life in front of you which you could enjoy, but you are still looking back and not willing to drop the past where it belongs. relationships sometimes break apart, so what? no matter how hard it is for you what happened, you can't change the past. but you could change your perspective, couldn't you?
 ... more coming soon or never ... please find a great guidance for help to alzheimer patients by vera f. birkenbihl in her 13 minutes video (in german) at the very end of this blog post
bratislava, danube river park
bratislava castle
you can't stop the time or ignore reality, dear mother ... avoiding pictures doesn't help either :)
old meets young; the youngest gruber => OLIVER
we have many muslim refugees in munich now, let's learn s.th. about their background
mikulassky cintorin = old german cemetery in bratislava
river danube, bratislava
welcome to eastern slovakia:
pictures from the ukrainian artist curej (churey / tschurej)
the ukrainian church in smolnik was built by tschernobyl / chernobyl refugees
the evangelic church in smolnik
catholic church einsiedel / mnisek nad hnilcom ... but my family was evangelic
R.I.P grandma
R.I.P grandpa

back to my roots, the city of kosice / kassa / kaschau
a chapel i have never seen opened in my whole life before, but now:
bell tower (urbanova veza) + museum
this tower used to be my home the first 19 years of my life :-)
our next visit in bratislava, december 2016:
 ice skating with viki
 the blue church
christmas market 
my sweety and the alchemyst
so true and so difficult to apply :-)
more slovakia pictures: here

vera f. birkenbihl - wie hilft man ganz einfach und wirkungsvoll alzheimer geplagten? anti-alzheinmer und anti-altenheimer hilfe :-)

i'm so sorry for so much disappointment + loneliness you have encountered in your old age, my dear mother ... it counts probably for big part of your today's problems (reference opinion: harvard longtime study what makes us healthe & happy)

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