Friday, November 4, 2016

edelmetallmesse 2016

next edelmetallmesse (precious metals fair) aka gold + silver show took place in munich again :-)

well, there were many interesting presentations about the financial and geopolitical situation in the the world as gold investments (silver investments ditto) have much to do with difficult times like the ours: shaky peace + dwindling freedom + undemocratic acting governments in the society we live in => many speakers told we should protest in the streets (as i already do every monday), so let's CRASH the SYSTEM; my dears or at least let's protect ourselves against the growing NWO ...
of course, there were also few chart analysis & pure price prediction presentations which i didn't visit at all.
erich hambach ~ let's inform the ignorant mainstream people about the presumable problems in our society 
  matthias weik & marc friedrich
 thomas bachheimer
 thomas bachheimer
 thorsten schulte (silberjunge)
david morgan ~ the curve of mania
max otte ~ suggestion for current investment strategy
folker hellmeyer, bremer landesbank ~ a brilliant public speaker and smart pro-european (political) economist
the conference room in the public transport museum (MVG museum, münchen)
electric cars need a lot of copper, you know? tesla showed by gianni kovacevic's copper bank 

i've got a nice dividend from my dear endeavour silver miners, a silver coin similar to this one:
source: here (2010)

the very good presentations i've attended at day #1. of course, i have left bad / boring presentations immediately :-)
  • erich hambach
  • volker schnabel (mack & weise vermögensverwaltung)
  • matthias weik & marc friedrich
  • dietmar siebholz started with some problems in germany, but later he just promoted gianni kovacevic's copper bank
  • thomas bachheimer
  • thorsten schulte (silberjunge)
day #2:
  • claus vogt, krisensicher investieren
  • david morgan, the morgan report
  • peter denk (only 20 minutes)
  • prof. max otte
  • bill holter
  • excellon resources inc. ~ silver producer ~ one of the oldest positions in my commodity oriented portfolio
  • folker hellmeyer, bremer landesbank ~ a brilliant public speaker and smart pro-european (political) economist

well, i've increased my commodity stocks positions as well and i'm going to buy bought few more on monday mostly at market opening in USA/CANADA in a sharp declining commodity market. gold + silver were down a lot and USD was up in the european markets => thus many of my limit orders were filled at a lower level then specified by me on sunday ~ 1 EUR = 1.477 CAD; 1 EUR = 1.103 USD => good luck, my sweet portfolio warriors :-):
  • excellon resources @CAD 1.94 => they are going to double production and to cut in half the costs in Q1/2017
  • vista gold @ USD 1.05 => i just had few USD from dividends left in my CAD based account, so i've slightly increased one of my few USD positions
  • first mining finance @ CAD 0.79 => keith neumeyer, the CEO of my single biggest stock position first majestic silver, started the company to take advantage of crashed prices for exploration properties and wants to wait to sell them later as the markets improve. let's wait with him ;o)
  • first majestic silver @ CAD 10.76 ~ my single biggest position ~ existing position increased
  • bhp billiton (ADRs @ USD 35.11 ~ existing position increased
  • endeavour silver @ CAD 6.27 ~ existing position increased
  • great panther silver @ CAD 1.80 ~ existing position increased
  • international tower hill mines @ CAD 0.99 ~ new position opened because of comparison of peer group seen in first mining finance presentation slides
  • spanish mountain gold @ CAD 0.14 ~ new position opened because of comparison of peer group seen in first mining finance presentation slides
  • nickel one @ CAD 0.075 ~ new position opened because of talks with CEO at the fair
  • pretium resources @ CAD 12.99 ~ new position opened because of comparison of peer group seen in first mining finance presentation slides
  • orex minerals @ CAD 0.465 ~ existing position increased
  • south32 @ USD 9.61~ existing position increased ~ south32 is a subsidiary of bhp billiton for the southern hemisphere
  • victoria gold @ CAD 0.6 ~ existing position increased
  • exeter resource @CAD 1.55 ~ new position opened because of comparison of peer group seen in first mining finance presentation slides
  • 92 resources ~ lithium in Northwest Territories, canada ~ existing position increased
  • zimtu capital @ CAD 0.19 ~ existing position increased
more pictures / slides here

link to last year's event: edelmetallmesse 2015

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