Sunday, January 22, 2017

psychopaths - stratfor think tank & co.

well, i watched the following video from chicago council on global affairs few days ago, but still can't forget it. this budapest born george friedman sounds to me like the warsaw born psychopath zbigniew brzezinski in his book 'the grand chessboard' (well, listen to the clever (but psychopathic) analysis brzezinski's on u.s. (obama administration) & israel conflict against iran). well, the next infamous budapest born george soros speaks somehow different, but his actions lead into the same direction and tend to destroy europe and especially russia & (eastern) europe if you asked me ...
hell, all of them were born in eastern europe and now they serve the american imperialism on its way to destroy the whole world (i do not believe that some 'small' or 'local' war against russia is possible, so in my view the result of such think tank suggested conflict will not be local but fatal for the whole world ...)
george friedman - source: wikipedia

just listen what george friedman from stratfor think tank tells (in 12 minutes) not only about the danger for american global power if russia and germany united, but also about wars & deaths in europe ... imho is friedman a psychpath with a completely misleading surname of german origin, just try the german translation ... it would be 'peaceman' :-))
source: youtube (conference at the chicago council on global affairs in chicago on february 4th, 2015)

well, in the beginning i wanted to name that blog post 'american psychopaths' but you know what? i recognized that if s.o. like me gets such information so easily, then or european 'leaders' / 'elites' will know that american strategy as well and so there is no need to speak about american psychopaths but only about psychopats itself :-)

suggestion: listen better to harvey friedman (in german) than to george friedman :-)

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