Saturday, January 28, 2017

yangon / myanmar (rangoon / burma)

our next stop after singapore was yangon, the biggest city of myanmar, former known as rangoon and burma.
  • myanmar, the golden land, which we would probably call the land of the everywhere lying waste today
  • yangon? well, it is a 5 million souls metropole where all maynmar's nations & religions co-exist close to each other, i would say peacefully co-exist...
  • there are many, many huge rivers in yangon, just see the picture where 3 of them merge together
  • my most interesting experience? the trash hero myanmar action: cleaning of the botataung jetty => thank you folks for making the planet a better place :-)
and yes, don't miss our next stop bagan.

... yangon/myanmar ... more coming soon or never ...
botataung pagoda (botahtaung)
what a tourist attraction, two europeans :-)
in the streets of yangon
shwedagon pagoda
good-bye, shwedagon pagoda
two of us
sule pagoda
the botataung jetty, the place where our beautiful ship hotel was :-)
what about a 'how to' video from trash hero facebook page? here we GO
 the yangon river is not the biggest one in yangon, if you asked me :-)
on board of the vintage luxury yacht hotel, which was not much more expensive than the hostel we have had in yangon after we came back from bagan
swastika = symbol of good luck
more yangon pictures here

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