Tuesday, February 7, 2017

historical island penyengat (indonesia)

penyengat island = the living museum :-)

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful => this small 2 square kilometers big island close to tanjung pinang (bintan island) looks like if the time stopped moving there. for me it was the nicest experience in indonesia :-)
what did i like in this former malay sultanate? everything: the nice colors of buildings and the green nature, the mosque, the sultan graves, the gardens, the ruins, the stilt houses, the coconut drink we have had at the beach restaurant, the motorcycle-taxi service, the boat trip from and back to tanjung pinang, the (relative) cleanliness .... i'm so happy we have seen this before returning back to completely different world like singapore and germany ...
grand mosque of the sultan of riau (18th Century, important part of the sultanate of johor-riau after malacca (malaysia) was defeated by the portuguese)
stilt houses
 motorcycle taxi
ruins ...
graves ...
stilt houses again
 this road to nowhere reminds me of current western politics, especially of the fiat money financial system :-)
penyengat tries to get the unesco heritage status and i hope it will get it soon

more pictures here
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