Saturday, March 25, 2017

zirndorf ~ alice in wonderland

what a nice weekend in franconia (franken, frankenstein?). first we visited a amateur musical 'alice in wonderland, new story' by friends of us (STS youngster department) in zirndorf, which was a crazy + funny + professional performance and we laughed a lot ... and yes, they have beautiful girls on stage :-)

after the event we had great dinner at a small greek restaurant out there. like nuremberg (nürnberg), zirndorf is also a nice medieval franconian (fränkisch) city, but of course much much smaller.
our top performer, gina ;-)
  • if you have no target, then every way leads there (wenn du kein ziel hast, dann führen alle wege dorthin)
  • the caterpillar helped me to ask who i am. the cat taught me to go where the life directs me. the knight showed me there are heroes in our life. finally, the rabbit taught me that the time runs fast and when a moment flies away, we never ever can bring it back.
medieval zirndorf
the small greek guy ~ nice greek restaurant with great food + atmosphere, but not cheap
the local zirndorf brewery ~ brauerei zirndorf
kirche im dorf lassen? so true :-)
the bakery götz
i'm not sure why i like franconia that much. is it the timber framing house build style (fachwerkhaus), the beautiful nature, my franconian friends or the good experience i've had in 1996 working in nuremberg for almost 1 year? well, maybe all of that :-)

franken, fränkisch, franconia ~ more pictures here.
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