Friday, May 19, 2017

the last day

well, there was strange in the rainy air. and there was this sad beautiful white pigeon which just did not fly away ...

my new boss and me, the only two people in the office on that late friday afternoon, thought it came to say us the worldwide peace is here ...
i have bought some bread in the vending machine to feed it, but it didn't touched the bread, just ran from one side to the other ... so strange ... it was not hurt as i could see it, but maybe it did not recognize from its floor perspective that it has to fly 3 floors up in order to come over the glass wall to reach its freedom ... but a bird should be able to fly even more than 3 floors up, shouldn't it?

few hours later it was dead :-(, probably because it flew directly against a glass door / window / wall ... R.I.P, single pigeon

any lessons learned? yes! it is important to change the perspective in order to see the solution / rescue ... it is important to live a fulfilled life as we never know when it will be over
some wisdom from sadhguru?
btw, paul mccartney's 'single pigeon' was my favorite song before my youngest daughter was born ...
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