Wednesday, August 23, 2017

sadhguru on mother earth

my friends, you probably know that i subscribed to the daily quotes/newsletter of sadhguru some time ago. yes, gurus provide newsletters nowadays :-)

the interesting fact for me is that sadhguru's message turns from the spiritual advice more and more to the appeal to save the nature. you still remember his campaign to save india's rivers (#saveourrivers?) basically by trial to build a 1 km stripe of protective forest from both sides of a big rivers (i have also contributed for few trees few months ago)
6 August 2017: If you use more of anything than you need, on the overall scale of things, you are committing a crime against all life.

20 August 2017: Mother Earth is so generous. If only we give her the chance, she will restore everything in absolute abundance and beauty.

and here comes the 5 factors which threaten mother earth (most):
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Unsustainable Agriculture
  • Population Growth
  • Deforestation
  • Overuse of Non-renewable Energy
the full story about these 5 factors in original newsletter by sadhguru / isha foundation will you find here: 5 Factors That Threaten Mother Earth

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