Saturday, August 19, 2017

hölle, höllbachhof, falkenstein

we have visited friends in the smooth hills of bavarian forest (bayerischer wald) in the village postfelden, who try to live on and to promote sustainable organic farming and a life which supports the nature ... would you like to visit their farm höllbachhof and learn about their motivation online? here we go: höllbachhof

well, we have seen beautiful 250 years old farm houses, organic permaculture farming, chicks + ducks + geese running around, sheep + goats + 1 donkey + 2 cats and many, many bees too ... and yes, we should not forget their friend + traditional guard, their big dog, wow, wow :-)
free running geese
sheep, goats, donkey
curly kale + tobacco (grünkohl + tabak)
so true :-)

on the way we enjoyed to walk in the adjacent nature park hölle (hell) and the nearby city and castle of falkenstein

hölle (hell):
let's go to hell :-)
 höllbach creek
 the best of all wives :-)

falkenstein (falcon stone):
 falkenstein castle
 city of falkenstein
 vorderer bayerischer wald (bavarian forest)
town hall
 taxes make the life of  other people nice? so true even today ...
good-bye, falkenstein
more pictures here

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