Saturday, November 4, 2017


you probably know already that when at long trips, we do not like to make stops on highway restaurants. we usually find a nice (small) place close to the highway and try to find nice and some food there. on our way home from poland and dresden, we have visited the medieval city of ingolstadt (bavaria, germany) at the danube river (donau), today probably best known for its audi car plant and its soccer and ice-hockey teams.

if it was saturday afternoon and all the shops were open (the regular shops are still not allowed to be open on sundays or all night in bavaria, you know?), it was quite difficult to find a restaurant there. so we stayed at corso italia, something between a cafe and a sports bar, with very few main dishes and had a really tasty pasta and i additionally enjoyed the beautiful women at all their pictures + menue list.

enjoy few pictures, too :o)
 ingolstadt castle (schloss ingolstadt)
medieval city walls
 the main (shopping) street
 cafe / bar corso italia
sex sells, isn't it?
few more pictures here
some old pictures from 2010 here

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