Friday, November 3, 2017


on our way back from lodz, we have spent 1 night and 1 day in dresden.

i liked most our boat hotel (= botel) pöppelmann on the elbe river and also the many free parking places in front of it. even if the hotel was quite simple, cheap and had a flair of a youth hostel. actually, for me it is  really romantic to sleep on a boat as we did in yangon too :-). also the location was really, really good as it was close to both, the hotspot at night and the city center next morning.
my daughters liked better our tour through the party district neustadt and would love to visit the museum of the DDR, which my wife + me didn't like to see yet as our memories at socialism are still present enough :-). 

well, dresden remembered me somehow on prague, but it was not that nice. especially a bridge of the category of prague's charles bridge was badly missing, if you asked me.

enjoy few pictures from the alaunstrasse (neustadt), graffitis and also the classical sightseeing highlights like semperoper, zwinger, kathedrale - hofkirche, frauenkirche, castle / schloss, ...
 botel pöppelmann
alaunstr, neustadt
DDR museum
 kathedrale - hofkirche
 more pictures here

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