Wednesday, January 3, 2018

chemnitz (karl-marx-stadt)

chemnitz, the former so called karl-marx-stadt was our last destination in saxony. we welcomed the chance to enjoy a sightseeing tour through the center of this industrial city led by my colleague as she visited her parents in chemnitz over christmas. it is always good to be guided by locals, isn't it?
(the 'nischel' = head as the locals say)
both of us, karl marx and me :-) ~ workers of all lands unite

in case you didn't know before, chemnitz is the place where the former riches of saxonia were worked out. leipzig the place where they were sold and dresden the place where they were blown away (especially by saxon kings & co.). when a tourist, i would highly recommend to visit dresden and its nice city center with all that palaces, churches, galleries, castles (e.g. castle pillnitz), will you?

in case you are fan of industrial chimneys, chemnitz is the place to be :o)
old and new town halls
 red tower (roter turm)
 cafe michaelis
industrial museum
more pictures here
good-bye, karl marx stadt / chemnitz :-)

so, our silvester trip is over, unfortunately. here in the first stop (reichenbach / saxonia) are all stations put together for me, if i would like to recapitulate a little bit later ...

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