Tuesday, January 2, 2018

dittersbach (jetrichovice) - czech switzerland

the nature knows no man made borders, you know? well, the beautiful national park saxon switzerland continues after the border as czech switzerland. easy, isn't it? just to show you the difference, you will see the man made borders between germans and czechs below. but you know what? before the WWII lived the czechs and germans in this areas peaceful for few centuries. easy, isn't it?
btw, in my native eastern slovakia also lived slovaks, germans, ukrainians, hungarians beside ech other in peace and kept their respective identities for centuries ... 
NP czech switzerland - NP ceske svycarsko
the 33m high view point in janov

dittersbach (jetrichovice)
maria rock (marienfels, mariina skala) with its view point is our destination today

finally, we are up there :-). the ruins (water tank) of the former falkenstein castle?


beautiful view from marienfels. there was (man made?) forest fire few years ago
let's move back to bad schandau. hrensko (herrnskretschen) at river elbe (labe) is the border city from the czech side (here we see the hotel labe).
sudetenland (sudety) = the former german settled areas in the czech republic. btw, my grandmohter was born in sternberg which is in the very south of the north-eastern part of sudety (czech sudety, of course. there is an sudety area in poland, too). could you find sternberg, my dears?

more pictures here
btw, the beautiful prebisch arc pictures (prebischtor, pravcicka brana) from our last year's visit to this part of czech switzerland are here

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