Thursday, May 31, 2018

missian ~ south tirol

what a nice long weekend (5 days) in south tyrol. we stayed in small village missian close to st. pauls  (st. paolo) and bozen (bolzano) and made many, many hiking trips to mountains, castles and lakes out there.

enjoy few pictures:
missian, castle korb
lake totensee + villanderer berg, sarntal
sarntal valley
st. pauls
völs with the schlern massif
lake völser weiher below the schlern massif is one of my favorite lakes in the world :-)
eppan, the place where the german soccer team prepared for the world championship in russia
missian (missiano), castle hocheppan
lake grosser montiggler see, lago di monticolo
more pictures here.
our last visit to south tirol (südtirol) here.

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