Sunday, May 20, 2018

watzmannhaus 1930 m + BGL

what a nice birthday gift have i got from my eldest daughter: an overnight stay at one of the 25 mountain cottages run by german alpine association (DAV). we have chosen to stay at the watzmannhaus (1930 m over the sea level) in the berchtesgaden area in the most south-east part of germany. why? well, that's the area where i lived some time as refugee 30 years ago (the refugee camp shanties are still there). a beautiful area which i like so much and an area i wanted to present to my daughter as nice as possible.
berchtesgaden as seen from our room in hotel krone

well we have stayed 3 days in BGL area, walked around and swum in the ice cold lake hintersee, visited  the picturesque village ramsau, the nice city of berchtesgaden, walked to the waterfall at lake königssee and swum in the so deep and cold lake too. we went up to the watzmannhaus, stayed there for a night with approximately 50 other hikers & mountaineers (in our room there were 36 beds, my dears), climbed at the watzmann massif almost to the top of the peak hocheck (2651m) so that we could look down to the  small watzmann peak (Kleiner Watzmann ~ Watzmannfrau ~ 2307 m) and many more ==> thanks, dear daughter :-)
 lake hintersee
 my old refugee camp at königssee
 lake königssee
 waterfall at lake königssee

monkeys act like people? people act like monkeys? both? :-)
 wimbach canyon (wimbachklamm)
 at the trail to the watzmannhaus
 watzmannhaus 1930 m, we have FINALLY ARRIVED :o)
the watzmann peaks, our goal for today morning. breakfast at 6 p.m., the tour started at 7 a.m. ;o)
 let's climb up, up, up ....
the birds + we look down to the small watzman ~ kleiner watzmann, 2307 m
watzmann - hocheck 2651m
view from the kührointalm, 1420m
 a cold bath in lake hintersee before we left the beautiful BGL area this time 

more pictures here.
my last visit tio berchtesgaden / königssee here.

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