Friday, September 28, 2018

passau, the 3-rivers-city

we have visited friends near passau (neuhaus am inn), so i have of course enjoyed the opportunity to show this beautiful lower bavarian (niederbayern) city to my wife.
passau, the 3-rivers-town [danube (donau) + inn + ilz]

of course, in spring when all the snow melts, passau is quite often flooded by its rivers :-)
danube (blue) meets inn (grey)
ilz (right) meets danube (left + center)

but there are not only rivers in passau, my dears, there are good girls, too
good girl (braves mädchen) + good girls pub
the dome square
town hall
 good-bye, passau
castle oberhaus, castle niederhaus and the ilzstadt (on the right side)
more pictures here.

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