Friday, June 21, 2019

landau an der isar

you know already that we like to see the world and thus plan our journey breaks along the way that way that we can see something new. this time on our way to the castle neuburg am inn we have visited the small historical city (founded in 1224) at the isar river, landau an der isar in lower bavaria (niederbayern). to be honest, i liked our last journey break in deggendorf more as landau appeared much to sleepy đŸ˜«

enjoy few pictures, the colors were really crazy out there ;o)

 you will always find a church and a brewery in bavarian cities :-)
the krieger brewery (kriegerbrÀu)
cheers đŸș
and yes, before i move forward, let's show ya landau as it was few hundred years ago:
source wikipedia, copper engraving by matthÀus merian from 1665
more pictures here.

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