Friday, May 24, 2019

deggendorf - lower bavaria

what a nice break for dinner in the lower bavaria's (niederbayern) city of deggendorf. when on road, the best of all wives and me used to eat lunch/dinner outside the highway stations in some interesting places on the way in order to learn more about the area and or abouts its people. this time we have visited the small 1000+ years old city of deggendorf. (first written memories exist from the year 1002).

enjoy few pictures from deggendorf, the gate to the bayerischer wald NP (bavarian forest):
isar river meets danube river in order to spend the rest of their lives together :-)
there is soooo much water in the danube river this spring ....
 old town market place
 town hall
 town hall's cellar & restaurant
 deggendorf? not really, only a picture in one carpet shop
 indian restaurant shiva, the best place for dinner in deggendorf if you asked me ...
wanna visit india?
good-bye, deggendorf
more pictures here

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