Saturday, September 10, 2011

bad tölz & lake kochel (kochelsee) / bavaria

old city centre in bad tölz, bavaria (bayern)
two of us

just spent a nice evening with the best of all wives in bad tölz + kochelsee, great! bdw, why bad tölz? well, i just thought there will be a time in the future i can live from my investing returns, google ads, publishing, etc ... and then i only need a stable internet connection and do not have to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world (which munich without any doubt is). well, bad tölz is by car less than a hour away from munich and much closer to the nature and green fields. on top u can really touch the first alp mountains there ... yep, we liked to see the city before we would start any serious planning concerning our future move :-)

wanna see more pictures? just move 2 my google album

instead of having a dinner there, we have chosen to take a bath in the nearby lake kochel (kochelsee)
can u see me in the water, my dears?

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