Sunday, March 28, 2021

steinbach creek (zwieselberg 1348m)

what a strange winter walk at the steinbach creek today. we have had a beautiful weather, sun, warm 9 degrees celsius, but not the right shoes for my wife 😍 ... after 1 hour and completely wet feet we had to turn back and we will visit the small zwiesel mountain zwieselberg (1348m) in summer time, when the snow disappears ... it was a nice day in the bavarian alps, anyway 😄

waldherralm (740m)
wackersberg, lehen
good-bye, steinbach creek
good-bye, bavarian alps 😃

tags: steinbach, auf dem weg zum zwiesel / zwieselberg (1348m), wackersberg lehen, bad tölz, winter, snow

more pictures here.

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