Sunday, January 22, 2023

winter hiking tour in wallgau, BY

what a wonderful winter hiking tour at the isar river in wallgau, southern bavaria. we walked just for 1,5 hours to the maxhütte cottage at the fahrenberg hill. the cottage was open, so we could enjoy a dinner and than come fast back to our car. why only such a short distance? we have been 4 people: my daughter, her husband, my TWO MONTHS OLD GRANDSON tibsi tibor leon .. yes, it was the first real outdoor activity for this small man, my dears 😄⛄🍀🌞

just to make the chrandchild story complety, all of us have been cross country skiing in winter 2022, too ... at a time my daughter did not know she is already pregnant. our small grandson will probably become a winter sportsman genius, won't he? ⛄

there is not much snow in munich + bavaria the last few years, thus we've really enjoeyd this cold winter day, not only our small one who was carried by his father all way up 😉

maxhütte cottage, 1022m, at the fahrenberg hill
view down to wallgau from the maxhütte cottage
there are few tables in honor of magdalena neuner, the famous german biathlon champion from the nearby garmisch-partenkirchen. she won many, many competitions between 2006 and 2012, especially 2 golden winter olympics medals in vancouver / canada 2010 and 4 golden world championship medals.
back to wallgau
the small hill is the fahrenberg, where the maxhütte feasted us so well
our day in the hills is over, lets go back to munich 🚙

few more pictures here.

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