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addendum august 23rd, 2013: 
FALSE FLAG gas attack blamed on assad by western industrial-military complex and its small dirty mainstream media? dear friends, please do not believe that news, it simply makes no sense. assad almost won the battle in syria, so why should he attack his own people on a day where the UN observers are scheduled to visit the country? it would be stupid for both military and tactically reasons. i assume it is just an ugly game by the western world to justify the upcoming NATO attack on syria. friends, just to make clear, syria didn't threatened any 'northatlantic' country for centuries ... it is like the WMD lie which started or 'justified' the war against iraq few years ago or loke the recent war against libya: if the foreign financed + equipped + staffed soldiers (mostly usbeks, afghans, chechens, saudi arabians, ...) couldn't beat gaddafi, the NATO planes came in ... thus my dears: STOP NATO = STOP WAR ...
addendum september 3rd, 2013:

so sad ... why cannot 'our elites' stop killing innocent people all over the globe and start to live in peace and cooperation with all nations on earth? btw, we are bankrupt and can't afford wars anyway.
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shame on you, western 'industrial' nations, shame on you NATO, CIA, israel, EU, gulf kingdoms and other supporters of the FSA killers :-(

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the NATO aggression war in libya is over, so they just continue in syria and probably soon in iran. so sad.
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the western support for jihadists in syria (+libya etc) and the ignorance of the masses is too much for me .. i switch the news flow off for today .. see you in the streets at next action for peace, my dears ... LET'S STOP OUR GOVERNMENTS = STOP WARS ...

again, let's STOP NATO + GOVERNMENTs + ELITEs = stop WARs ...

demonstration in frankfurt

more to come soon or never ...

addendum june 16th, 2013 via occupy london @FaceBook:

The Syrian 'rebels' Used chemical weapons? Yes
Massacres civilians? Yes
Eats hearts and beheads Syrians? Yes
Refuses to attend peace talks? Yes
Wants Syria to be a democracy? No

And we're arming these guys to the teeth because we support "freedom and democracy"... right...Ok


Who Killed the Syrian Peace Talks? read the truth-out article

addendum few months later (october 2014):
No, this is NOT Hiroshima in WWII - This is Homs, Syria ... today! source: here

addendum december 2015:
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