Monday, March 18, 2013

seehofer + gauweiler + csu + bavaria?

that easy, my dears? damn, the german elections are coming closer => the parties strengthen their efforts :=)

well, there was an CSU event, with the bavarian premier horst seehofer + munich's most famous CSU politician peter gauweiler speaking. where? in a beer tent, of course. go bavaria go :-)

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... speaking in a beer tent like this
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is there any reason why bavaria changed from a poor agricultural country into a rich high-tech area? why is bavaria doing better than the rest of germany? why is germany doing better than most of other european countries? yep, there probably is in the air, you know?

i came a little bit too late, so i've missed great part of peter gauweiler's speach. but it doesn't matter as i still heard a lot and i've visited peter's event 2 weeks ago anyway. of course he spoke about cyprus and about the new level of state ordered thievery (direct loss of 6% of your money for accounts up to 100.000 €uros and 10% for accounts above 100.000 euros). he just asked if cyprus is the only european country for which the bureaucrats in brussels invented such a solution ... haha, of course not. who's next? france? germany? both?

anyway, lets try to concentrate to remember few of horst's words, who is like peter gauweiler also a gifted and funny public speaker and both of them are not only authentic but also believable, if you asked me. why? they do what they think is right even if it is not a carrier making issue, you know? gauweiler took a legal action against the fiat money system relevant ESM 'rescue' and wealth redistribution fund last year. seehofer took a legal action against the interstate redistribution of wealth in germany ('länderausgleich') recently. on top, he told (not as a student, already as a prime minister!) the western democracy and western system all explaining sentence speaking about the financial rescue action for banks 'too big to fail' in a talk show @ erwin pelzig, just listen below .... those who decide are not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide .... OMG :-( thus my dears, let's OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether + OccupyTheSystem :-)

well, here stuff from today:
  • a good speech is like a miniskirt. it is short and covers all essential
  • bavaria is the best place in the whole universe (just compare the to the life abroad): rich, high-tech, traditional, educated, low state debts and decreasing (decreased by 2.5 billion out of 20 billion last year), supports the weak german states especially berlin since decades
  • berlin is poor but sexy (wowereit). bavaria is rich but not stupid (seehofer)
  • FJS (franz josef strauss): it is more likely a dog will install a sausage storage for itself than ... the subsidies receivers would ask for less subsidies (or the like)
  • angela merkel is a good premier for germany
  • about edmund stoiber (former bavarian premier and seehofer's boss) ... was ist der unterschied zwischen hundehütte und bayerischem staatssekretär (oder war das eine andere funktion als ministerpräsidentenvertreter?)? hundehütte ist für den hund und staatssekretär ist für die katz :-)
  • the bavarian way ... survival of the fittest ... i.e. join the winners ... way of bavarian evolution ... with austria, against austria and with napoleon / france, against napoleon  and with austria, ....)
  • no debts, no life above ones means at costs of the future generations
  • any bad issues? yep, the average age of attendees was quite high to say it somehow nice ... the young prefer the sexy way of life, don't they?
  • etc
bavaria's lawsuit against the unfair subsidy system among german states ('länderfinanzausgleich'). there are only 3 states out of 16 who pay for the mismanagement of the other 13. biggest contributor is bavaria, biggests beneficiary berlin ...

anything else? coming soon or never :-)
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