Friday, December 29, 2017

bad schandau

our next stop at our new year's trip to saxony was the spa city of bad schandau at elbe river (labe in czech language) in the saxon switzerland
we made our first experience with airbnb and yes, we will probably use this accommodation option more often as it is nice to have such a direct contact to locals who can tell a lot about the area and sightseeing highlights. of course, the 2nd part can google even better :-) 

 ostrau is well located for the easy hiking tours to falkenstein rock (left) and the schrammsteine area (left)
saxon switzerland
the 100+ years (since 1905) old historic elevator is a landmark of bad schandau
view at bad schandau and river elbe from the elevator
happy 2018++
more pictures here.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

reichenbach im vogtland, saxony

reichenbach im vogtland, a small saxon city with huge industrial and theatre history was our 1st stop at the year's end trip to the national park saxon switzerland (sächsische schweiz).

all our stops were (separate blog posts will follow as soon as i will find the time to write them, i promise):
  • reichenbach ~ read more in this blog post below
  • bad schandau / sächsische schweiz ~ the place we stayed for a week with beautiful (not too difficult) hiking trips all around 
  • dresden ~ this time we have visited with friends the palace pillnitz and the eastern part of dresden (the bridge das blaue wunder, TV tower, loschwitz (schillerplatz, körnerplatz) ~ but yes, let's jump back few weeks, we have been to dresden in early november too and joined the night life and visited the old city center
  • fort königsstein / bastei ~ ... coming soon .... 
  • czech switzerland ~ hrensko, jindrichovice, marienfels .. coming soon .... ~ what about our last year's visit in the area? even if there was no snow, because of the frost and frozen humidity on the trees we could make amazing pictures :o)
  • chemnitz ~ .. coming soon .... 
if you asked me, reichenbach which is located in saxonia in the western part of german ore mountains (erzgebirge) remembered me at the small mining cities in slovak ore mountains (slowakisches erzgebirge), especially at göllnitz (gelnica). but according to wikipedia it was famous for its sewing and weaving industry, later for metal working, paper industry and even the factories for the famous noble cars horch and audi (founded by august horch) were located here. did you know, that 'audi' is the latin translation of 'horch!', probably not :-). anyway, the most famous citizen of reichenbach was friederike caroline neuber ('neuberin'), 1697 - 1760, german actress and theatre director.
more pictures here

Monday, December 25, 2017

gerald celente - trends 2018

i just read gerald celente's forecast on top 10 trends for 2018, but you know what? it is even more interesting to hear his 'trends in the news' from december 6th first :-). on this single day we have had the bitcoin / cryptocurrency issue, upcoming war against iran (alliance out of usa, israel, saudi arabia vs. iran (+ palestine, hezbollah)), trump's fraudulent tax bill which is going to make the rich (corporations) even richer, fascism (symbiosis of state and corporate power), lying mainstream media, military-industrial complex, continuing war on iraq & afghanistan (10,000 killed civilians during u.s. led take-over of oil rich city of mosul from ISIS), ....

here we go, the top 10 trends for 2018 by gerald celente & trendsjournal:

i liked the above article better than the video below, but the information is very similar, so it is up to you which one you 'consume'. both? :o)

i have written about celente already few years ago (june 2011, he was one of the key speakers at the munich's gold bugs show in november 2012, in february 2009 as part of the zeitgeist movie), so you can be sure i really like his clear and funny way to speak about important issues. 

stupid me, i've also written about bitcoin in early november 2013 when the price was around USD 300, but didn't buy any bitcoins then. at the former traders' website we have also discussed bitcoins much earlier. anyway, we thought they are too expensive when they were at USD 100, because we remembered the time when they costed USD 4. well, it was a missed huge opportunity to get really rich, my dears. but yes, my life is really nice and happy, so there are probably also much more important things out there than to get rich, aren't they? :-)

and yes, let's hope for all of us that celente is wrong on the escalation of the mideast conflict against iran which could lead to WW3 :-(


Sunday, November 12, 2017

anonymous speaks (to future generations and) TO US

anonymous tells the truth about our world 12 minutes ... who will listen how to escape the upcoming NWO agenda? just watch the video below :-) 

btw, who is anonymous? maybe someone like you and me?
source of the picture? it is a screenshot from the following youtube-video, but let my show you this message first (if you asked me, i would put 'corporate + governmental' power instead):
source here
12 minutes

if you want to see my previus blog post on anonymous, just jump here. in case you better like mainstream media, go here.

november 22th, 2017: what a great video about the elites, who rule the world. anyway, i wouldn't call these psychopats 'elite', whould you?

hands off yemen!

the biggest humanitarian crisis happens right now in yemen: war, famine (hungersnot), cholera epidemic, drinking water shortage, ...
source of the picture: youtube ... and the text in youtube's search bar shows you how easy you can get tons of  information beside the mainsteam media propaganda presented in major TV channels in western world. will you try it from time to time?
source: here
source of all 4 pictures: here

since march 2015, the saudi arabia led war coalition with many of neighbouring arab countries supported by USA, UK, france and even by germany which sells weapons, war ships (patrol boats) and other military material to saudi arabia, kills thousands yemenis and destroys the basis of existence for millions ...

btw, yemen was the 2nd country after syria which was directly attacked by trump's administration in 2017 in the so called 'yakla raid (@wikipedia)'. ... "...the operation severely damaged a local clinic, the mosque, and the school in the impoverished Yemeni village" ... "and killed at least 14 civilians included nine children under the age of 13, with the youngest being a three-month-old baby." ...  [wikipedia]
in comparison, the administration of nobel prize winner for peace, barack hussein obama, attacked SEVEN countries in 2016. thanks to mainstream media, most of us will even not be able to tell the names of these countries ... here the recapitulation by dr. daniele ganser
source: facebook here

here the short 3 minutes english language video by al jazeera:

would you like to watch one possible explanation why are saudis loosing in yemen (12 minutes video)? the next video tells part of the yemen catastrophy in 6 minutes in german language (by ken jebsen's KenFM):

when will the people in the west wake up and try to stop their corrupt governments who supports that tragedy? only then, if millions of yemenis refugees will reach europe and make the conflict visible here like the awareness of war on syria arose in last year's 'refugee crisis'? so sad :-(
well, let's hope that next year we will be more peace activist who will join the protest against the u.s. military air base ramstein in germany, which co-ordinates (all? / most?) of the worldwide drone attacks conducted by u.s. military in recent years). this september we have been approximately 5,000 folks building a people chain for peace during the StoppRamstein protest week. 5,000 is quite a lot, wouldn't you say? well, i've just tried to google how many fans come to germany's top soccer league bundesliga each week on average .... 44,820 (@12.11.2017). why has peace only so few fans and soccer that many? please leave a comment if you have any opinion on that for me such a sad fact, will you? if you know, why do we allow our corrupt governments and global corporations to destroy the entire world (human life, environment, climate,..), leave a comment either. we are the 99%, aren't we? let's give PEACE a chance.

more coming soon or never ...
november 22th, 2017: few days ago i've shared a blog about the humanitarian crisis in yemen. here comes an article by former u.s. candidate for presidency, ron paul, who describes why does america support genocide in yemen

Saturday, November 4, 2017


you probably know already that when at long trips, we do not like to make stops on highway restaurants. we usually find a nice (small) place close to the highway and try to find nice and some food there. on our way home from poland and dresden, we have visited the medieval city of ingolstadt (bavaria, germany) at the danube river (donau), today probably best known for its audi car plant and its soccer and ice-hockey teams.

if it was saturday afternoon and all the shops were open (the regular shops are still not allowed to be open on sundays or all night in bavaria, you know?), it was quite difficult to find a restaurant there. so we stayed at corso italia, something between a cafe and a sports bar, with very few main dishes and had a really tasty pasta and i additionally enjoyed the beautiful women at all their pictures + menue list.

enjoy few pictures, too :o)
 ingolstadt castle (schloss ingolstadt)
medieval city walls
 the main (shopping) street
 cafe / bar corso italia
sex sells, isn't it?

few more pictures here
some old pictures from 2010 here

Friday, November 3, 2017


on our way back from lodz, we have spent 1 night and 1 day in dresden.

i liked most our boat hotel (= botel) pöppelmann on the elbe river and also the many free parking places in front of it. even if the hotel was quite simple, cheap and had a flair of a youth hostel. actually, for me it is  really romantic to sleep on a boat as we did in yangon too :-). also the location was really, really good as it was close to both, the hotspot at night and the city center next morning.
my daughters liked better our tour through the party district neustadt and would love to visit the museum of the DDR, which my wife + me didn't like to see yet as our memories at socialism are still present enough :-). 

well, dresden remembered me somehow on prague, but it was not that nice. especially a bridge of the category of prague's charles bridge was badly missing, if you asked me.

enjoy few pictures from the alaunstrasse (neustadt), graffitis and also the classical sightseeing highlights like semperoper, zwinger, kathedrale - hofkirche, frauenkirche, castle / schloss, ...
 botel pöppelmann
alaunstr, neustadt
DDR museum
 kathedrale - hofkirche
 more pictures here