Sunday, December 31, 2017

bastei = top 1 destination in saxon switzerland

bastei is the no. 1 sightseeing destination in saxon switzerland. at least according google and its no. 1 search hit from trip advisor. our hosts also said bastei was the most important thing to see. even the parking place was really full on that rainy and untypical day for hiking: silvester 2017.

if you asked me or the best of all wives, we liked our first trip to falkenstein and schrammsteine rocks much better. not only because there were much fewer folks underway, we liked over stay and the view from the top of the schrammstein-plateau soooo much.

anyway, enjoy few pictures from bastei with the bastei bridge and the remaining of the medieval castle neurathen.
baste bridge (bastei-brücke)
elbe river in saxony (sachsen)
 castle neurathen (felsenburg neurathen)
beautiful sandstone rocks ...
good-bye, beautiful bastei bridge
just find more pictures here

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