Thursday, December 28, 2017

reichenbach im vogtland, saxony

reichenbach im vogtland, a small saxon city with huge industrial and theatre history was our 1st stop at the year's end trip to the national park saxon switzerland (sächsische schweiz).

all our stops were (separate blog posts will follow as soon as i will find the time to write them, i promise):
  • reichenbach ~ read more in this blog post below :-)
  • bad schandau / sächsische schweiz ~ the place we stayed for a week with beautiful (not too difficult) hiking trips all around 
  • dresden + pillnitz ~ this time we have visited with friends the palace pillnitz and the eastern part of dresden (the bridge das blaue wunder, TV tower, loschwitz (schillerplatz, körnerplatz) ~ but yes, let's jump back few weeks, we have been to dresden in early november too and joined the night life and visited the old city center
  • fortress königstein huge saxon fortress build on the rocks of the saxon switzerland 
  • basteithe no. 1 sightseeing destination in saxon switzrland according to both, google and our hosts
  • kuhstall (cowshed) a nice trip from bad schandau through the kirnitschtal valley with the historic tram (since 1898) to the lichtenhainer waterfall & the kuhstall rock formation ~ schmilka: the last village before the czech border
  • czech switzerland ~ hrensko, jindrichovice, marienfels .. coming soon .... ~ what about our last year's visit in the area? even if there was no snow, because of the frost and frozen humidity on the trees we could make amazing pictures :o)
  • chemnitz ~ the industrial heart of saxonia
if you asked me, reichenbach which is located in saxonia in the western part of german ore mountains (erzgebirge) remembered me at the small mining cities in slovak ore mountains (slowakisches erzgebirge), especially at göllnitz (gelnica). but according to wikipedia it was famous for its sewing and weaving industry, later for metal working, paper industry and even the factories for the famous noble cars horch and audi (founded by august horch) were located here. did you know, that 'audi' is the latin translation of 'horch!', probably not :-). anyway, the most famous citizen of reichenbach was friederike caroline neuber ('neuberin'), 1697 - 1760, german actress and theatre director.
more pictures here

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