Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gooooooogle above $600 :-), what abt microsoft ... and apple? omg, google

folks, here we go! next support / resistance / mental / whatever barrier broken! can anyone tell me, why i have been such a stupid idiot in december 2008 and bought just one single google share (below $300, i think) instead of 10 million shares? my sweet portfolio position is up +72.8% (in €uros, of course).

what abt google's software buddy + its current neighbor in my by decreasing volume sorted portfolio list, microsoft? well, these bill gates guys are up +44,19% since february 2009. pls do not ask, why did i not buy 10m or 5m shares here, i can't remember that either :o)

good luck, my two lovely american software fighters, good luck ;-)

why google + why microsoft? even if there prolly is a bubble in u.s. equities (stocks + bonds!) and even if for €uropeans like me is the weak usd concerning our u.s. investments a huuuuge nightmare as well, there always will be many u.s. companies which are able to compete (and to win) on the international markets, i think ...

i've bought google because i like them a lot + the stock price was IMO cheap + because i use sooo many of their products (picasa, blogger, youtube, adsense, chrome, text&tables, gmail ... + their search engine, of course) + because i like their philosophy of sharing data (pictures, videos, documents, ...) all over the world instead of forcing people to use/own their own 'licensed' stuff. you still remember the discussion in one of demolition man's threads abt advantages in sharing knowledge for free instead of patents & copy rights & private knowledge? that's the age of aquarius, in my opinion :-)

what abt microsoft? well, they are not sexy at all, nobody likes them, and of course, they are still in the age of pisces as their 'licensing' strategy is a complete opposite of google's sharing-for-free principles, but in time i bought it, microsoft was IMO soooo cheap + it was the company with the biggest $$ reserves worldwide! they had more than $20 billion cash in that time, i think ... so i just thought, bill gates will distribute all that cash among the shareholders within the next few days, unfortunately, he didn't

both stocks are up a lot, so from my investing perspective is everything going fine so long :-)
(source: here) let me google that for you! source

folks, now i'm really surprised abt google! why? hmmmm, the Let me google that for you site really exists! aaaand is soooooo cooool for/against lazy folks out there. you just insert the key word they've been asked for and get back a link with slow motion keybord entries + the 'click' on the search button + the results. next time they will prolly google their stuff themselves ;o)

ps: have just tried out with 'gold silver' => http://lmgtfy.com/?q=gold+silver ..... hmmm, my website is not the #1 search result yet :-)
... let's try it again with 'gold direct info' to see, if my newly reserved and as an advertisement space or/and domain name 2 sell planned/designed domain www.golddirect.info will come on the 1st search results page => http://lmgtfy.com/?q=gold+direct+info ohh, ohhh, nothing reasonable again :-)

microsoft is boring? really? enjoy ;o)

direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IY2j_GPIqRA


YeOldGoldNugget said...

OK, I have to admit,...I was only lured here by those two Google G's.


I remember thinking about buying Google at 294 ;-)

Oh well Jaro,...plenty of fish in the sea.

jaro gruber said...

Google at 294? ... yep, that's history :-)

Anonymous said...

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jaro gruber said...

after 5 lost years google is above $700 per share again. well, it is hard to be an buy-and-hold investor, you know? btw, what about apple?