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addendum may 2014: friends, forget my dream below ... as for now, the western europe turned fascist as its leading institutions like EC / NATO, its leading countries germany, france, poland ... supports the fascism in ukraine (the fascist temporary and unelected government in kiev led by the svoboda / swoboda party) ... the EC, what a peace nobel prize winner, almost as good as obama few years earlier :-( ... well, at least the femen activists protest against that european fascist epidemic ...
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no? not yet? WHY NOT?

hi folks, there was/is a great discussion abt why is €uro/europe not the leader in the financial markets, kylefoley76's original question was: "if the us and the euro's economies are equally strong then why is it that the dollar seems to dictate the price ... i might be wrong but it seems that the dollar dictates the price in eur/usd ... why?"
my opinion? because europe is just europe and not UNITED STATES of EUROPE yet ... it is as easy as that!

just imagine an european soccer team of 11 guys fighting against each other instead of fighting against their competitors! which competitors/enemies could such an european team defeat? well, you are right, NONE :o(

we europeans are so brain dead and so fearful, you know? ... it is as easy and as sad as that :-(. hell, i hope at least our children will be smarter than we are!

ps: just imagine an united €urope with all that western, northern, mid, southern and eastern (with russia, of course!) countries, with all that industry, oil, gas, commodities, education, culture ... and of course, i'm thinking about an europe created bottom-up by the people and not by any bureaucrats, governments, powers that be, 'elites', fat cats style NWO, central banks aka financial mafia and the like :-)

well, let's hope again that at least our children will be smarter than we are :-)


addendum 09.05.2010:
folks, what abt the 'rescue' fund for weak european states like greece? is it a real help for greece? i dont think so. why? a real help for greece would be e.g. the reduction of its debts (i.e. a default or a partial default of greek bonds. what abt 80% of the nominal values?) or the like ...

so what does such a rescue fund mean? well, 1st of all, greece becomes money to pay its creditors ... once again ... greece becomes money to pay the current (double digit?) interest rates to its creditors ... and the creditors (mostly european + u.s. banks and worldwide operating hedge funds, pension funds etc) becomes 'their' nominals and 'their' crazy interest rates paid in full ...

will it help greece 2 restructure its public spending orgy and 2 become competitive again? will it help the greek people? any opinion out there?

last but not least, who is gonna pay 4 that rescue package? we can read in the mainstream media that this package will be 'carried' by germany, france, austria ... folks, there is a small problem out there! germany, france, austria ... do not have any money to lend. they need themselves (every day!) new credits to continue their current operations ... they have to borrow the money they will lend 2 PIGS and PIIGS (portugal, irland, italy, greece, spain).

well, once again have our so genial politicians managed to take the money from the main street (~taxpayers like me) and give it to wall street (~banks, insurances, hedge funds, ...)

OMG, why is homo sapiens that stupid?

my dear gold/silver standard, pls pls pls come back to planet earth soon and end all that fiat money malinvestments and unfairness ...

anyway, folks, take care and do not invest in government bonds :-)

addendum 10.05.2010:
unfortunately, my opinion was right :-(

folks, mr. market shares my opinion abt the outcome of the 'greece issue' on the weekend, just look at the top 3 german stocks 2day morning:

deutsche bank +11.90%
commerzbank +9.13%
allianz +7.86%

btw, im not against gains for financial institutes in general, im just against taxpayer financed gains for politicians' buddies, of course ...

what a great day 2day! of course, especially 4 the banks, not at all for the taxpayer :o(

S&P500 +4.40%
dax +5.30%
nasdaq100 +5.04%

btw, the deutsche bank stayed the best stock in germany's dax for the whole day. closing quote? +12.86% => no additional comments needed :-(

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