Saturday, December 5, 2009

greenpeace action 4 climate

copenhagen, nyhavn (new haven), 2005

folks, today (= 5.12.) at 5 before 12 there started a greenpeace action for climate ´through' twitter in 80 german cities. all the tweets the folks have posted have been projected on a special wall in the centre of berlin to make the german government aware abt the importance of the copenhagen conference ...

well, i came abt 1 hour later and my tweet was approx the #5,555 ... just now there are abt 13,000 tweets out there ... not sooo many as i have hoped and many of them came later directly from the internet, abt 3 or 4 from myself, of course i'm dissapointed a lot that the people in the streets do not make more preasure on the politicians, i think it is soooooo important this time ....

my message? rettet das klima, nicht die banken! (that means: save the climate, not the banks!)

well, i've posted that message to my twitter followers after coming home as well :-)

rettet das klima, nicht die banken! #savetheclimate not the banks! #copenhagen #greenpeace #thinkgreen

my #3: have a good weekend all! hopefully politicians in copenhagen will make our future a lot better! #savetheclimate #eco #earth #greenaction

my #4: RT @greenpeace_de: take action #savetheclimate be part of a global movement!!!

folks, do u think it will help a little?

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