Sunday, February 7, 2010

demo AGAINST WAR outside the noble 'security' conference in munich

as every february, i was again demonstrating AGAINST WAR outside the 'security' conference in munich ... well, it's a conference where the industry meets politics ... security? peace? nil return! next war planning? next stimulus packages + next tax money for the war industry? yes, of course!

well, as every year, the real peace + solidarity + understanding was a subject just outside the city's noblest hotel bayerischer hof .... in the streets, in front of the old city hall, on the marsh against war, against german participation in the afghanistan fiasco ...

damned hell, i think this time there were more heavily armed policemen (3,500) than demonstrators out there :-(


... folks, i think i will upload few more pics/videos later here and/or at my picasa / youtube / facebook / twitter profiles, ok?

twitter pictures? i'll post the link 2 the last one, so u can move easily forward:

any videos? here we go! the 1st:

the 2nd:

the last :-)

what about the last year's event? here we go (follow the link :-)
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