Friday, January 29, 2010

gold price in 2013? hmmmmm, maybe $8,000? (james turk)

addendum december 2012: outlook 2013 - 2015, enjoy :-)


james turk + me

every gold bug + every gold opponent knows we can't eat gold, of course not ... buuuut we could drink the wine from the gold bar case ... lol

james turk + peter boehringer

what abt a gold price of $8,000 in 2013/2014 and a dow-gold-ratio of 1 : 1? just crazy fantasy, you think? well, that's the number james turk (founder + CEO of gave barron's in an interview in 2003, i think (i'm too lazy to google the web right know 2 provide a link, so pls just believe it or not ~ it's up 2 u ... LOL). well, james repeated that yesterday in his great presentation on the germany's gold bugs club (DEG) meeting in one of the oldest and prolly the most famous munich's pub/restaurant hofbräuhaus yesterday. he thinks also abt 1 oz gold = $20,000 = DJIA if the FED continues to print money like crazy :)

btw, what's my guess? i think 1 oz gold could climb up to $5,000 within few years, of course only if the poor USD survives that long! why? well, there is already the american buffalo 1 oz gold coin with face value $50 (and a 1 oz silver 'american eagle' coin with the face value of $1) out there, you know? got it? at 1oz gold = $5,000 we just have to remove two zeros (hell, that's easy!) and we have the new gold price in new dollars $50. got it again? 1 oz gold = $20 ... few years later ... $35 ... few years later ... $50 ... damn! that's what i call continuity in fiscal policies!

any other ideas/topics?

  • gap between u.s. government spending and u.s. tax revenue getting bigger and bigger (exponential deficits!)
  • usa + europe are heading 2 argentina like hyper-inflation of deposit accounts
  • fear index
  • gold-silver-ratio
  • dow-gold-ratio (read my former blog post for more information here)
  • accumulate gold + silver instead of speculate with them (unless you're a gifted daytrader or the like)
  • gold + silver is still cheap + undervalued
  • bavarian food + bavarian beer + pretzels + much more :-)
folks, i will prolly enhance few details later, so let's close the blog post for now with 2 james turk quotes + few pics, ok?
  1. hope 4 the best, plan 4 the worst
  2. buy tangible assets instead of financial assets
peter boehringer (DEG chairman) speaking:
happy gold bugs #1
happy gold bugs #2
happy gold bugs #3
btw, that's me + my sister + her boyfriend (left 2 right), you know?

addendum june 27, 2010:

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