Sunday, March 14, 2010

ecosia - the green search engine :-)

what about a search engine which would help to save the remaining rainforests? folks, lets give it a try :-)

well, watch the short introduction video (1:46) or visit ecosia's website in order to learn more abt their usage of green electric power and abt their donation of 80% of profits to rainforest projects run by WWF (sorry folks, i couldn’t find the embed-code so pls follow the link):

hmmmmm, still wanna more details? ok, lets watch the longer video (7:41) with additional related information. what did i like most? unlike most other search engines, ecosia dont save + analyze + sell my user profile to advertisers etc! thats great, isnt it?

btw, want you join me and thousands others environmentalists and also become a supporter of WWF and/or greenpeace?

ps: if you use mozilla’s firefox as your browser, you will see the area of rainforest saved by your search queries directly in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window J

pps: of course, lets hope google will apply ecosia's ideas and save even more rainforests / nature ;o)
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