Saturday, March 6, 2010

my best investment?

what abt my best investment? of course, best just in terms of money ... please dont think abt investment in education, in my wife (thx goodness, i've got her! nobody would work all day for sooooo many years without any salary, u know? lol), invetment in peace, future of planet earth or any 'feel good' stuff. pls think here just in terms of investment return, ok? what abt craaaazy +703% in 1 year? damned hell, why did i not bought that stock 2 months earlier (in 2008) as that would be a tax free profit in that 'old german tax law' case :-(

folks, it is the gold explorer levon resources (TSX.V: LVN, company website). i've bought 5,000 shares in late february 2009 because of all the good news in their newsletters i've subscribed for some time and because of the cheap price. well, i couldnt understand why did the share price not skyrocket on all the great prospects so i've decided 2 take a bet against mr. market, you know? i just thought, damn, it is not a valid reason 2 keep the price down just because nobody wants that stock or because the overall market collapsed (in march)! do u agree abt these points 2day, my dear mr. market, dont u? well, the stock price didnt do much in the next few months ... then doubled in june ... and came back in july again ... in order 2 wake up mr. market from his lethargy i wrote a blog post abt the riiiiising gold price acceleration in august 2009. well, mr. market got the message, gold climbed from $935 up to $1,200 and levon from my entry level @ EUR 0.079 up to EUR 0.663 (= the intraday all-time-high level yesterday = CAD 0.93)! gold exploration business is soooooo crazy, isn't it?

question #1: how does an increase of +703.78% look like? no clue? hmmmmm, it looks like that (all quotes in CAD, view full page here):

(5 years vs. 6 months vs. intraday)

question #2: how does it look like if an investment doesnt do well? hmmmmm, it looks the same, u just have 2 turn your head left or rotate the chart by 90 degrees in the clockwise direction. easy, isnt it? btw, im not going to post the corresponding charts of failed investments here. few of them are still in my portfolio (sterling mining, qimonda, RBS, hy lake, buffalo gold, ...), few others disappeared from the quotations list after their bankruptcy :-(

question #3: when is the right time 2 sell a stock like levon resources? thats easy! just look into my crystal ball and/or ask my dear 100-years-old indicator, the dow-gold-ratio :-)
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