Saturday, April 24, 2010

investor dinner with megastar development (MDV) representatives in munich

(simkar gold mine ~ source: ~ a special edition abt megastar developmemt)

#1 did the former providers left enough gold out there?
any other # not needed, if the answer to #1 was YES :-)

the megastar guys have been to munich again visiting their german business partner cm-equity,  of course ive welcomed the chance 2 see the sooo authentic CEO dusan berka and speak slovak (both of us have been born in slovakia, you know?) + english abt the latest developments @ my lovely canadian gold explorer megastar development . folks, got all the exiting news from company's website? IMO the stock is still cheap like an unwanted pet => it looks like a great opportunity, isnt it? 

well, its always nice 2 meet all these 'old' faces behind my portfolio positions i think ... hell, ive forgotten 2 ask dusan if he was also disappointed like me that the slovak ice hockey team lost the olympic semi-finals to canada soooo close and sooo unlucky ... hmmm, maybe next time 

what abt my old stock list of directly introduced companies from my former blog post (september 2009)? here we go again:
  • western potash +201,42%
  • commerce resources +114,57%
  • zimtu capital +256,10%
  • western geopower ~company was taken over by RAM power corp~ +30,86%
  • megastar development +275,58%
  • adamus res. +41,58%
  • dundee precious metals +108,98%
  • formation metals (former formation capital) -32,26% (my poor cobalt play!)
  • burcon nutrascience +66,68%
folks, ive told you, i should just buy companies @ presentations, isn't it? 

damn! still wanna know more abt megastar? ok, thats easy ... just listen 2 CEO dusan berka ....
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