Sunday, April 4, 2010

top 10 :-) ~~~ ugh! 10 :-(

folks, the loooong lovely easter weekend arrived on planet earth => lets take some time to switch my portfolio view from 'summary' 2 'detail' and look also at the 10 best and 10 worst single trades. lets start with the best ... damned hell! i even didnt know there is already a ten bagger in my portfolio yet! well, the rio alto minig appears approx in the middle of my summary list and my 1st shot at that stock is 'just' +27%, so i even didnt realize what a clever fox in december 2008 i was! tax free +1,045% (because of old german tax law before 2009), indeed!

top 10,  

top performance => top feelings :-)

well, there were also few mistakes on the road => ugh! 10,

poor performance => ugh! feelings :o)
... or is it just an impact of caffeine on human beings? lol ... that coffee was prolly a little bit too strong 

OMG! why didnt i buy just the 'good' stocks ?!?
cheers, anyway :-)

addendum, 04/04/2010: what abt a ten bagger bought with the proceeds of a ten bagger that was also bought with the proceeds of a previous ten bagger (100,000%)... => happy easter dreaming, isnt it? of course, ten baggers are fun . btw, the 2nd position novagold is also a ten bagger as it has also increased more than 10 times (bought @ 0.518 euros, current price 5.47, the last column shows already the profit).

even more fun as the profit itself is the story behind rio alto mining . the explorer companies always have their own stories, you know?

well, the rio alto guys called themselves 'mexican silver mines' 1 or 2 years ago. then the ugly crashy october 2008 arrived and the price of most financial assets crashed like a crystal vase on the floor ... not so bad for mexican silver! they still had 7m cash in their vaults, so theyve decided not 2 waste the cash on exploration of its projects and started ... got it? my lovely explorer company didnt like 2 waste cash on exploration?!? unbelievable, isnt it? just read a part of their old news release: .... .... The Company feels that these funds are better used to look for strategic alternatives which are presenting themselves to Mexican Silver Mines rather than in spending these funds on exploration. In today\'s market it is cheaper to buy than to explore and drill for production and resources. ... well, theyve started 2 look for acquisition targets like producing mines or competitors. after a while theyve bought rio alto mining with its gold-copper project(s) in peru! hmmmm, somehow stupid 2 call the company mexican silver mines if the major project is located in peru, right? no problem, lets take-over competitors name as well 

fairytales 4 hardcore fans of exploration/mining business, company's website 

folks, btw, how could we motivate my biggest position scorpio mining to become a ten bagger soon? any ideas out there? lol
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