Sunday, June 6, 2010


what is more important than money + gold + success + glory + all the power of the world combined? folks, its the life, the planet, the climate, the nature, u know? of course, im heavily impacted by the movie HOME i watched yesterday => 1.5 hours, great pictures, great message!

save the climate = save ourselves! 
thats the summary i think ... here is the link (there was no embed code):

and here is the cover picture:

pls, just give it a try, im sure it will start/deepen a process of thinking abt our poor planet earth, which suffers like hell under all that mankind destroying the nature wherever he moves ...

of course, im afraid the accelerating climate change will force us to change our views on many things (money, profit, energy consumption, ...) and even words like 'my', 'yours', 'theirs' will become a new dimension as we will prolly recognize that there is only 'our' and we cant afford 2 destroy the nature no matter if it is 'somewhere' in brazil, congo, indonesia, europe, china, canada, ... lets hope the homo sapiens is smart enough to understand that soon enough :-)

what can we do concretely and immediately 2 avoid that sad scenario? well, 1st im going 2 tell u what im already doing, ok? of course, there are few things i think im doing already right and few not sooooo right

  • i switched from a standard electric power supplier to an ecological power supplier (btw, its greenpeace energy) already few years ago, so im sure there is no coal heating and no nuclear power threatening because of my energy demand/consumption
  • i support both greenpeace + WWF with fixed amounts on a monthly basis
  • i participate on demonstrations for peace and climate
  • i try to reach and inform other homo sapiens' (thats you, my dear reader :-) through my blogs, facebook or twitter accounts
  • i often use ecosia, the green search engine when i surf the web
  • i try to buy products which are ecologically friendly and thus support the good companies and force the bad ones to change their policies or even to disappear ...
  • i use public transport as often as possible (e.g. for my way to work each day)
  • i support many online petitions for the 'good' + nature ...
  • i invest my money in sectors like green energy, water, gold/silver (= honest money instead of the fraudulent fiat money which destroys our planet that damned fast!), food, ...
  • ???
  • i eat too much meat (on average more than once a day)
  • i waste too much water (i plan 2 shower instead of bathing at least on 6 days a week)
  • ???
  • lets think abt the areas of improvement later ... im sure there is a lot what i still can improve :-)
  • ...
  • ????
of course, u would like 2 know how does climate and financial market fit together? well, we (= folks, consumers, electors, decision makers, ...) decide what will survive and what not. lets support the 'good ones' and lets fight against the destroyers of nature, ok? last but not least, what abt donating some (small?) amount of money for nature protecting organizations after each 'killig' we made in the financial markets?


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