Thursday, June 3, 2010

investor lunch with andover mining (TSX-V: AOX)

what abt my interesting investor lunch event in one of the best munich's localities käfer (~'a beetle')? what abt the savvy investors, newsletter writers, money managers and crazy aliens like me? wanna see some other aliens? wheee, not at all? no problem, its your choice ... anyway, my question is ... question is ... what the hell is andover? lets ask wikipedia! andover?!? sorry 4 that, just a small joke! dont worry, we are not going 2 visit every single state in usa in order to meet andover mining (AOX), promised ... former name: andover ventures. well, lets move directly 2 companys website for any details and/or future updates concerning that promising Au + Ag + Cu + Pb + Zn explorer, ok?

the company was presented by not sooooo very gifted public speaker ... the brother of the current ceo (~the blankstein boys!) ... just in case u are not certain abt me, IMHO its much better 2 listen 2 a realistic professional who is a major shareholder of the company himself speaking abt all that advantages, prospects, risks and abt the roadmap 2 investors' heaven than 2 listen 2 an actor who would tell you the nicest stories abt nothing ... btw, whats your opinion?

there was soooo much positive news and even actual positive developments in the past few months that as for me, the most strange thing abt andover is the damned poor stock performance! dont forget there were record gold prices out there, successful legal settlement of some 60m outstanding debt concerning former operations of their majoritarian holding chief consolidated mining company, some contracts with geothermal energy producers on some stupid hot water on their property (what abt my RAM power corp?), limestone, real estate assets, already available mine equipment left by former mine operators, two high grade properties (Au + Ag + Pb + Zn in utah & Au + Cu in alaskaIMO in obamalitically completely crazy and unstable country (lol) but europe is not any better and australia (40% additional tax on resources planned!) & south america is even much much worse (!!!), a new planned roads/railroads to andovers neighbor property in alaska (OMD, its novagold, my most prominent ten bagger club member!) ... ok, there is still one minor unresolved legal issue outstanding (some 5m dispute over genco resources ~ my struggling silver play!) ... hell, is it too good to be true or what? what does mr. market know what i dont? or is the company that unknown that even the most hot story on earth wouldnt reach the tsx-venture tape? folks, lets try it out and lets bet against mr. markets opinion again :-)

damn, im not that paper trader type of guy! hmmmm, whats 2 do next for an earth convict like me? well, i just thought lets give these andover guys a try and thus bought few shares in canada @ CAD 0.21 today. folks, its sth like the 6 months low, u know? well, there was not much money left from my recent cash-in @ cbh resources, so ive decided 2 use my margin account as there is at the moment nearly a complete cash coverage of all open positions anyway, so what?

any other investor homework out there? yep, ive subscribed 2 their newsletter and im going 2 watch andovers development a little bit closer and of course, maybe there will be a point in the future where happens both, i have money 2 invest and andover looks like a great buying opportunity again. damn! that would be a moment 2 increase my initial stake (what abt robbing my wifes and childrens pockets at night? :-)

folks, dont worry, u know me already well enough so u can be sure i will handover andovers major issues from time 2 time (of course, just in case if sth interesting happens eg the share price doubles or andover finally joins my ten bagger club or the like ...)

what abt few pictures? well, there are some mining pictures on companys website, but nothing soooooo interesting ... well, lets go back 2 munich and visit käfer again, there should be at least its beautiful historical building somewhere 2 find ... here we go!

outside ...

... inside ... no insider visible? just dont care ... the waitress is coming soon :-)


update september 2010
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