Saturday, June 26, 2010

champagne meets investment


where 2 start and where 2 end? hell, what a question on a day like that! folks, that was on thursday, a day when the small and till then not too succesful slovakian soccer team have beaten the reigning world champion italy in a crazy game 3 : 2 and thus qualified 4 the play-offs at the world championship in south africa :-)). go slovakia go! how 2 celebrate a success like that? folks, believe me, champagne meets investment was the right event 2 visit! well, it was organized by a small financial planning company EFC in the beautiful rooms of the old arco-palais in the very centre of munich. of course, there was a small entrance fee in order 2 avoid investment folks who just wanna eat and drink for free ...

the topics 2day?
  • real estate fund (tax saving investment, duration approx 10 years)
  • solar energy fund (a 20 years green investment with already defined 'government' prices 4 solar energy)
  • big picture market overview (hyperinflation?)
  • champagne "brugnon"+ delicious food from one of the 2 city's best catering companies dallmayr. btw, do u still remember the käfer-guys?
  • informal investor blah-blah abt markets, investment opportunities, hot stocks, soccer, south africa + africa + corruption slowing down the foreign investments, oil, gold, wheat investments (farm land!), ... 
  • ...
me, trying and succeeding 2 open a bottle of rose champagne the traditional way ... like napoleon bonaparte used to ... by sword! hehe :-)
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