Thursday, August 19, 2010

holiday investments?

u know already my favorite activities, dont u? instead of swimming/sunbathing/eating/drinking beer, #jarobuys:
  • scorpio mining - silver in mexico
  • andover ventures - gold in queebec/canada, i think, shoudda look-up in my former blog post? well, not yet, its holiday season now ;-)
  • penn west trust (yesterday) - oil + gas in canada, a steady monthly dividend payer, it will balance my sometimes overstretched margin account, i hope ;-)
  • aurizon mines - gold in queebec/canada
  • orko silver (2 days ago) - silver in mexico
  • fortuna silver (2morrow) - silver in mexico
  • ...
  • novagold (after tomorrow) - gold in canada + usa ~ the soros / paulson investment ...
  • 1st majestic silver (after tomorrow) - silver in mexico ... thats my silver bullion dealer, u remember?
  • kinross gold (next day) - gold everywhere, one of the biggest gold producers in the world ...
  • osisko mining (next next day) - gold in queebec\canada, ive prolly watched too long at my osisko (baseball? anti sun?) cap .... and bought 200 shares instead of 20 via my margin account .... of course, sold 100 shares immediately cos i didnt wanted too much debt in my account 
  • impact silver (later on) - silver in mexico - my last holiday investment issue ... any reason 4 that? yep, on my very last day in tunisia ive discovered the undersized label 'impact' at my bathing shoes and prompt decided 2 increase my existing position in that promising silver producer a little bit further ... of course i take investment decisions only on intuition/dreams and the like, u know that already, dont u? ... btw, osisko & penn west are a little bit down since my entry, all other companies advanced sooooo very nice 
folks, im happy ive decided NOT 2 spend money on gold&silver call options and invest in some of my gold&silver explorer/junior producer companies instead ... why? IMO there is a much better risk-reward-ratio :-). good luck, my sweet holiday investments, good luck

ps: ive chosen my scorpio mining t-shirt 4 dinner! we have 2 help luck a little bit, isnt it?
pps: dont worry, of course i ve been already swimming/sunbathing/drinking beer
ppps: the best gold/silver investment team ever? the tooth pick gang! lol
... tooth pick gang #2:

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