Tuesday, July 27, 2010


folks, just gave a young homeless guy 1 €uro in the underground station on my way home ... shall he enjoy his next beer :-)  ... btw, he asked just for 50 cents 

maybe will his evening be happier than mine ... why? well, gonna watch what mr. market did 2 my account on a day when gold/silver collapsed :-(
(source: unknown ... prolly found somewhere in the internet or in MSFT windows templates)

... ohhh, the most gold/silver stocks are down a lot 2day (minus 3% to minus 7%) ... gold -1.76%, silver -3.19% ... my account lost 'just' -1.75% as few small canadian explorers (esp. my big portfolio positions like scorpio mining, cardero resources, commerce resources, ...) did quite well ... and the most commodities in my trading account have fought also well (besides silver, of course) ... go commodities go!

btw, do u think i could get a better karma next time?  hmmmm, next life?

addendum, 07/29/2010: OMG, that karma thing really works!!!!! WHEAT, WHEAT, WHEAT + rice + gas + SUGAR (!!!) + corn + coffee .....

my CFD trading account at high-high-higher all-time-high again ... even more than 400 €uros higher than yesterday ... btw, i changed my original plan 2 wait till silver falls to $17.31 and increased my silver holdings yesterday @ 17.50 ... good luck my shiny silver, good luck :-)

go commodities go! 


jaro gruber said...

... ohhhhhh, already 500 €uros higher than yesterday's all-time-high :-)

Ailame said...

you bloody reach capitalist! :-)

btw: shouldn't you give the poor guy some euro everyday??

jaro gruber said...

1 euro 4 poor guys every day? yep, i think i will ... and i hope it will continue 2 improve my karma even further :)

2day plus 990 €uro (best day ever in my trading account), of course its even much higher all-time-high :o). OMG!

well, i want 2 think abt some stop-loss-limits on the weekend, dont wanna loose that nice cash again ...

hmmmm, will proly take 5k out of my (nearly) 8k account in order 2 have some powder 4 special situations on the stock market .... but im not sure yet, cos what if this is already the hyperinflationary hard assets rally out there? go commodities go!

jaro gruber said...

... just pressed the 'donate' button on the empty-bottle-automat at the supermarket (for poor + hungry folks) and put also few coins in the donate box in the drugstore (4 homeless kids) .... do u think im going 2 enjoy a great next week in the stock & commodity markets? that would be nice :-)

btw, yesterday was wheat a little bit down (-1%), but rice & sugar outweigh that loss

well, corn break-out above $400 ... i dont think my buy limit $341.4 has a chance to become fulfilled, ohhhhh ... i think i will keep just 1 contract instead of my full line of 2 contracts ...