Tuesday, September 14, 2010

triple top 2day

gold + my trading account + my investing account reached altogether all-time-highs 2day :-)

gold, right now, usd 1,271.80 per ounce . hell, that commodity-uptrend is soooo delightful 

of course, u think an all-time-high triple top is easy: just load your trading account up to the hilt with gold and your investing account as well aaaaaand here u have your triple top , but i can tell u, its damned hard, indeed :-)

btw, there is no gold in my trading account, just the gold of the little (poor?) guy (=SILVER) which is currently my biggest position + there is also some wheat, corn, gas, o-juice, sugar, rice ... u see, thats only stuff what mankind really needs, no mumbo-jumbo and the like ... 

go gold bugs go 

euphoria, pls never leave me ...
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