Friday, September 17, 2010

go andover go!

folks, thats the 2nd visit of andover (TSX-V: AOX) in munich so far (welcome, rob + thx 4 coming again). if u wanna u can see some pictures of the nice käfer`s palace from the 1st event here.

what happened since the last visit? IMO are the things changing from good to better, which leads me 2 the question of the day: what 2 do in a situation like that? that was an easy one, wasnt it? of course, #jarobuys more andover shares 2day!

lets try 2 sum up few investment related issues:
  • the prospects are great: 3 different Au/Ag/Zn/Pb/Cu properties, geothermal energy, limestone, rare earths, huge land package, ...
  • the mngmt owns approx 35% of all outstanding shares, so the guys in charge of the company are going 2 work like crazy in order 2 make that story a success  => lets take part in that ;-)
  • few legal issues concerning genco/chief are solved in andovers favor
  • ...
  • any risks? of course, exploration/mining is a risky business and there will be a lot of capital and/or a strong partner (like rio tinto in one of the properties) needed till all assets become cash generating mines ... gonna wait that long?
hell! lets tell mr. market andover's share price should respond accordingly SOON :-)

btw, if u wanna philosophize abt that issue u can also move 2 the discussion page @ InformedTrades ...

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