Wednesday, September 22, 2010

investor lunch with altona mining? #jarobuys altona mining :-)

folks, there was a next event from the famous 'investor lunch' series yesterday ... and a project milestone party in the evening ... or till early morning hours, to be honest ... btw, i hate alcohol, especially aperol ... will not drink more than 10 of these crazy bitter italian aperitifs next time, promised! ... shudda recap the investment related part of yesterday? pls dont ask my wife 2 recap the project party part, lol
  • australian micro cap explorer company which took advantage of the 2008 financial mess and bought assets of bankrupt competitors vulcan res + universal res
  • near-term copper producer in finland (outokumpu mine) => a fat cash cow or a thinny calf ... who knows?
  • IMO is the most of the mine financing already done (incl. support / credit lines from finnish government, etc.)
  • huuuge early stage copper project in australia (xstrata has an option 2 buy 51%)
  • in case u hate copper, there are still few more things out there: real estate, mine equipment, Au, Ag, Zn, Pb, Ni, Co, U (btw, i hate uranium, nuclear power, nuclear bombs, ... thx goodness, the australian government doesnt allow mining of uranium in that part of the country )
  • their website is far from done, there are still links 2 universal, navigation uncomfortable (esp. the mining projects sites) ... wanna do that job 4 the altona guys?
  • ...
well there was much more interesting stuff the simpatico CEO alistair cowden mentioned  (my own recording, so watch out as he could mean the opposite as well :-) ... economy in australia (perth!) is booming and in asia as well, copper sales in germany are rising like crazy (is even german economy stronger than i think it is?), u better have the chinese as customers 4 your copper shipments than as majority shareholders, ... what abt 3 more great alistairs quotes?
    1. what kills a mine is never the capital costs, its the operating costs
    2. u cant get 4 nothing, u have 2 give in exchange (... like 51% of your project 2 xstrata or all money u earn 2 your wife and the like. u see?)
    3. good assets will get their reward, market timing is always unpredictable
    u know me already, dont u? of course ive opened a small initial position yesterday, subscribed for companys newsletter, gonna watch its development and maybe increase my holdings in the future ... u know what? the stock price is 20.3% up in germany 2day => altona seems 2 be a serious candidate for my 10-bagger club, hehehe :-)

    good luck, my lovely australian-finnish copper play, good luck!

    addendum 11/02/2010: #jarobuys more altona shares 2day ... folks, i feel this company is going 2 have success and so does mr. market if the stock is priced 'correctly' => lets buy more shares :o)

    btw, when on the buyers side, i hate altonas current stock price ... it is 90% above my initial purchase 6 weeks ago ... ohhhhh :-( .... anyway, good luck my red hot copper play, good luck ;-)


    Anonymous said...

    Any comments on why altona is down?

    jaro gruber said...

    well, since end of september is altona up +82.75% (in €uros) => not bad for 10 weeks i think :-) ... yep, there will always be weak days in the general stock market when fearful traders sell their best performing stocks which still shows a profit for them ... and days when these stocks recover strongly after all fear is gone ;o)

    just my 2 cents, of course

    jaro gruber said...

    OMG! there is prolly already morning in australia, altona is up +7.58% right now :-)

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jaro,

    Is Altona popular in Germany. Seems to be trading recently on low volume. There is rumor here in OZ of takeover but nobody can confirm or deny.

    Progress on Outokumpu and financing much awaited as well. Hopefully, Xstrata buys AOH as SP could reach $1.0 EUR.

    jaro gruber said...

    1 €uro per share any time soon would be great (ie a 4-bagger from current level) ... anyway, if altona succeeds in both the finnish and the australian copper projects we will see much higher price than 1 €ur i think ... what abt 2012 or 2013?

    good luck our dear altona mining, good luck :-)

    jaro gruber said...

    just bought few more shares:

    look what happened next 2 the markets

    straaaange ;-)