Thursday, December 2, 2010

Donnybrook Energy


next investor lunch event 2day ~ Donnybrook Energy Inc ~
well, the donnybrook story was presented by both the donnybrook and donner metals director dave patterson => #jarobuys few more donner shares 2day cos they are still cheap like an unwanted pet => that investment stuff is as easy as that 

btw, what do these irish sounding guys do? also easy! theyve acquired a big land package in alberta / canada and now they look for some major gas & oil discovery.

folks, i didnt buy any initial position in donnybrook yet cos the stock tripled since august and thus appears somehow 2 expensive 4 me, u know? well, was prolly a mistake cos the donnybrook rallied +9.76% 2day 

... just came back from a short walk through snowy streets .... u know what? no experiments this time! lets stick 2 strategy which guided me soooo well this year => lets make some small pilot buy 2morrow (gonna place a buy order at 2days closing quote CAD 0.45) + apply 4 companys newsletter + start 2 follow donnybrooks development .... and yes, lets buy few shares of their drilling partner cequence energy as well ;o))


Anonymous said...

Hope this helps your due diligence on DEI

jaro gruber said...

an interesting article, thx :-)