Thursday, January 27, 2011

northland resources? iron ore!

folks, there was the next investor lunch event @ käfer in munich yesterday. well, almost my whole family used 2 work at steel factory in kosice / eastern slovakia (me as well for few weeks as student 20+ years ago! i was the 'never sleeps' hot iron 'weighter' behind the railway scale in overnight shifts in my fathers smelting furnace department ~ its right after the fresh iron comes out of the oven => hot like hell!), thus iron ore, iron + steel often have been discussed at family table. although the factory is owned by u.s. steel now and only my younger brother still works there, my interest for steel business is still alive, u know? of course, ive welcomed the chance 2 attend the presentation (dont worry if u havent been there, the chairman anders hvide repeats the most important issues in the short video @ northland's website (news from january 26, 2011) ... well, im too tired now and a little bit sick on top, so lets just notice few issues before ill forget them 4ever :-):
  • iron ore exploration in sweden + finland
  • high quality + high content iron ore (69% Fe) => high premium above average iron ore price expected
  • start of production of the swedish mine in 2013, mine life 19 years, capex repaid in 4-5 years (or sooner?)
  • shipping via port narvik/norway 2 europe & china
  • well financed up to start of production => no additional financing and/or share dilution needed
  • same investment procedure as always: lets buy few shares + apply 4 companys newsletter + follow the developments + decide later whether 2 increase the initial investment or not. btw, my pilot buy few weeks ago (#jarobuys @ invitation in order 2 avoid the road show premium :D) is still slightly positive despite the sooooo weak general market for resource companies, thats a good sign, isnt it?
any risks out there? yes, of course, every explorer company is somehow risky ... lets mention just the imho most important one: the price of iron ore from 2013 on :-)

how does my iron ore division look like now?
  • vale
  • rio tinto
  • bhp billiton
  • cardero resources
  • alderon resources
  • cuervo resources
  • sherwin iron
  • matsa resources
  • globex mining
  • xstrata
  • talon metals
  • northland resources ~ welcome on board, my dear iron play!
go iron go! :o)
  • #jarobuys carpathian gold. why? these euroscandic / fortuna guys who present all that resource companies in munich believe its a fair priced opportunity, so lets give it a try as well :-). well, there is not a single loser in my portfolio out of their recommendations i think (and there are already approx 10-15 'euroscandic' companies out there! its fine if you have s.o. who pre-selects the really promising companies 4u, u see? btw, whats the story behind carpathian? very very simple! mr. market prices only their brazilian operations, their huuuuge romanian property isnt regarded at all! what if the political/environmental/etc issues work out well 4 carpathian in romania? that will be a many-bagger then, isnt it? carpathian gold 4 carpathian german like me? that sounds great, my dear!

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jaro gruber said...

ive bought few more shares yesterday cos im not gonna wait till the price multiplies many times :-)

this investment stuff is sooooo easy!