Tuesday, January 25, 2011

siemens? green sustainability => green profitability!

next year is over, my AGM season started 2day!
employees childrens competition ~ life in the future

folks, theres everything fine @ siemens, u know? the best $$ year ever in their 160 years history (€ 4.1 b net profit), dividend increased by +70% which represents 40% pay-off 4 the owners and is going to be between 30-50% from net profits in the years ahead, €28 b sales in green technologies which is 1/3 of all sales and is going to be €40 b soon, profitable growth in all companys divisions, even the number of employees increased (more than 400,000 world wide) and the food was fine as well ;-)

great speech by the austrian CEO peter löscher, green green greener, current ecological footprint of homo sapiens is 1.3 of s.th. which means we use 30% more natural resources as our poor planet earth re-produces in a year which is saaaad ;-( ... i had the impression that 4 siemens is the ecology more important than the growth&economy which is fine cos we have only this one planet, so shoudda not destroy it, u see?  ... of course is siemens going 2 provide technologies for resources-saving solutions esp for mega cities (water, electric power, light, transportation, medicals, facility mngmt, etc). what do u mean, gonna tell them that nuclear power plants arent sustainable next year?
electric car

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btw, u still remember the last years event?

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