Monday, August 22, 2011


gold, gold, gold!
source: dab bank, munich (btw, they have a gold 2 go ATM inside and they had it many months before theyve bought a usual fiat money ATM. haha, now u see after which criteria i choose my banks ;-)

go gold bugs go and lets finally crash the fraudulent paper money system :-)

what a run in the last few days:

$1,900 per ounce? OMG!!! good-bye paper money mafia, good-bye wealth redistribution from main street 2 wall street, good-bye public debts and never-to-repay budget deficits, good-bye senseless wars (iraq, afghanistan, on terror, syria, ...), good-bye senseless subsidies of nature destroying agriculture (palm oil, biofuels, ...), ...

welcome honest money + fair honest world ;-)

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