Saturday, August 13, 2011


folks, did i tell ya ive 5 weeks off? not yet? dont worry abt my agenda, my dear ... and yes, i really have that much free time this summer and im not a teacher ... thx goodness im not a teacher... just imagine i would have 20 or 30 children in my class as crazy as my daughters, OMG! what to do that long? lets spend the 1st week in poland => lets visit my wife's family and lets try to understand that crazy woman by learning more abt her country ... it is an interesting country, indeed ...

there are many things to do when u visit family, u know?
  • first of all, your family believes u came cos u have nothing to eat and thus they feed you like if there were no tomorrow ...
  • u have thought poland is country of vodka, didnt u? yep, it is and it is also a country of tea! they start drinking tea from their glass cups in the morning and didnt stop till they go sleep ... but they never forget which cup is for tea and which one for vodka :-)
  • shopping ~ well, there are still many (small) fashion producers, so we always visit the local polish markets and buy some stuff in order 2 support local communities (instead of chinese communities like the most other consumers do) ... the polish clothes are even a little bit cheaper than the stuff we could buy in munich
  • łódź ~ this 1m people city was our 1st stop ~ former textile industry stronghold ~ not too nice i woudda say ...
  • trębaczew ~ our 2nd stop ~ few cousins of my wife are fruits farmers, basically apple farmers ... thx goodness, it isnt apple harvest time yet, but there is always to do .... well, ive helped for a hour or two to collect fallen apples in huge pallets for some industrial use (apple concentrate for juice?) so i can tell ya what hard work means! well, im  n o t  g o i n g  2  seek such hard earned money any time soon! ill rather stick 2 my programming & investing for some more time :-)
  • ive ridden a old polish WSK motorcycle prolly elder than myself
  • lech wałęsa ~ a man, who crashed the socialism and changed the world for a little bit better one
  • airplane tragedy 2010 + pictures from our last years visit
  • ...
a picture says more than 1,000 words? fine, lets move 2 my picasa album

ps: what abt the craziest of all wives? i will never ever understand her, my dear ... she is from different planet, i guess, but i love her anyway :-)
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