Thursday, August 11, 2011

gold $1,814 per ounce?!?

candles, gold, red wine? yep, lets go back to honest money, honest accounting, honest world :-)

gold rallies like crazy .... OMG+OMG+OMG ... $1,814 per ounce 2night ... and my gold/silver stocks portfolio still approx 27% down YTD  ... my dear mining stocks, when will you finally wake up?

go GOLD bugs go and lets CRASH the fraudulent PAPER MONEY system NOW 

ps: with a gold standard there would be no senseless wars in afghanistan, libya, iraq, ... no stupid bailouts of wall street, no stupid nature destroying subventions for agriculture (palm oil, biofuels, ...), no  exponential public debts  ... and everything would be a little bit slower and more sustainable, wouldn it? why do i think so? well, if we had to earn and save honest money (gold+silver) first, we wouldnt 'invest' it in afghanistan / libya / iraq / etc in that stupid way we use to use our easy-to-print paper dollars, €uros, pounds, yens,  ...

go gold bugs go!

just my 2 golden cents

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