Thursday, December 29, 2011

skiing with my youngest daughter

folks, u have probably thought all my life is about #OccupyWallStreet, havent u? no it isnt .. ive been skiing at zugspitze, the top of germany (2,962m [= 9,718 ft], skiing area up to 2600 meters) on the border to austria with my youngest daughter 2day ...

the weather was a catastrophy cos approx 95% of the time there was such an ugly fog we couldnt see each other. well, the reason weve changed our plan and went to the glacier at the top of germany was the quite warm temperature elsewhere (-1 to +2 degrees celsius) and a danger of rain. please dont let me get started on skiing when it rains and so dont ask my eldest daughter ~ WE WILL NEVER AGAIN SKI WHEN IT RAINS ~ it is as easy as that :-)

yep, at zugspitze it was cold enough (-7 celsius) and even if both of us are not 100% healthy we have enjoyed our 1st skiing this season. wanna few mor pics? here we go, enjoy my thinny picasa album (7 pics)

#OccupyZugspitze :-)
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